Welcome to Leasowes High School

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Leasowes High School is an ambitious , hard-working and successful school where traditional values of fairness, discipline and respect underpin a culture of aspiration and high achievement for all. We aim to help each and every student to understand and reach their potential by offering an impressive range of opportunities and approaches to learning, supported by a caring and committed pastoral team dedicated to the health and welfare of each individual.

Students at Leasowes are given many opportunities and experiences designed to develop them as learners and citizens which include: Mathematics, English and English literature, Science, the Humanities, Foreign Languages, Technology, Sport, the Arts department, Business, Enterprise and ICT. Our motivation is to discover and nurture your child’s talents and interests whilst offering a solid, broad and balanced curriculum that will equip them for success in adult life. Our “Learn to Live”, personal, social and health programme supports students throughout their time with us, helping them to understand themselves and provides the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in the society of the future.

Leasowes is a happy and caring learning environment which celebrates collaboration, commitment and achievement.

Recent students of Leasowes are currently studying at many of the country’s top universities including Oxford University and our current cohort contains members of regional sporting teams and national prize winners in the world of film and journalism. At every level we aspire to be the best we can be and we hope your child will want to be part of this drive for success.

Your child’s education is the key that can unlock the door to an exciting, productive and happy future and we look forward to the challenge of making this happen. The partnership that is built between the child, the school and the parent/carer will be the defining factor in this mission and I look forward to meeting with you to ensure an excellent start to your child’s secondary school experience.

Neil Shaw