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Vision Statement

Leasowes High School is an ambitious, hard-working and successful school where traditional values of fairness, discipline and respect underpin a culture of aspiration and high achievement for all. Our core aim is to deliver an elite educational experience to your child which is not elitist. Our motto Aspire and Achieve sums up our hopes for everyone associated with the school and the triple “A” that is evident in these words represents our ultimate destination: to be an outstanding school that is admired by our local community and beyond.

We aim to help each and every student to understand and reach their potential by offering an impressive range of opportunities and approaches to learning, supported by a caring and committed pastoral team dedicated to the health, well-being and personal development of each and every individual.

Students at LHS are given many opportunities and experiences designed to develop them as learners and citizens which include: mathematics, English and English literature, science, the humanities, foreign languages, technology, P.E./ sport, the performing arts, business, enterprise and ICT. Our motivation is to discover and nurture your child’s talents and interests whilst offering a solid, broad and balanced curriculum that will equip them for success in adult life.

A very impressive range of extra-curricular experiences is guaranteed for your child and our Gryphon Programme stretches the most able students in school by offering a wide range of aspirational experiences including: university visits, inspirational speakers, residential experiences and a regular cultural offer which aims to introduce students to the wider cultural world through talks such as “The Power of Classical Music”, “The Ancient World”, “Classic Poets and Their Times”,” Britain’s Most Impressive Entrepreneurs” and “Ballroom Dancing and Black Tie Etiquette”. This twilight programme is open to all students and attendance is regularly excellent. This programme is run in addition to a fabulous range of curriculum-based and sporting activities, all designed to engage students and encourage them to affiliate with the school and lifelong learning in general.

Leasowes is a happy and caring learning environment which celebrates collaboration, commitment and achievement. Our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship programme supports students throughout their time with us, helping them to understand themselves and providing the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in the society of the future. Our careers and work-related learning programme runs throughout Years 7-11 and aims to offer the best advice possible at every decision-making stage of their school career.

Recent students of LHS are currently studying at some of the country’s top universities and our current cohort contains members of national, district and regional sporting teams alongside exceptional performing artists. Our Alumni club maintains contact with former students and we publish updates on careers and successes when we can. At every level we aspire to be the best we can be and we hope your child will want to be part of this drive for success.

Your child’s education is the key that can unlock the door to an exciting, productive and happy future and we look forward to the challenge of making this happen. The partnership that is built between the child, the school and the parent/carer will be the defining factor in this mission and I look forward to meeting with you to ensure that an excellent partnership is created to make your child’s secondary school experience exceptional.

Neil Shaw