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Parents Evenings

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Parents Evening Dates for 2018

Year 11

11th January 2018

Year 10

12th February 2018

Year 9

25th June 2018

Year 8

20th March 2018

Year 7

30th April 2018

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Guidance for parents and carers to access Online Parents Evening Booking System.

Download Parents Evening Booking System Guidance .pdf

If you have any questions regarding the system, please contact the reception who will be happy to assist you or leave a message for the Parents Evening administrator in the school. We are hoping that you find the system user friendly and efficient.

  • You will find the Parents Evening Booking System at When you navigate to the booking system the ‘log in’ page will appear below. Please enter your details (parents/carers) in the YOUR DETAILS section and your child’s details below. It is essential that your details and your child’s details match our records EXACTLY, including your title and surname, as the system has been synced to our records. However, the emails details do not have to match our records and you can enter any of the email accounts that you use frequently.


  • When you have logged in successfully you will be directed to the following page where you can start new or continue with a previous log in.

  • For the first time click on the ‘X – No, this is the first time I am logging in’. You will then be directed to the ‘Welcome Page’ where there are several options. Please click CONTINUE where you will be directed to the page where you make appointments for your child. Alternatively, when you are logging in having made appointments, you can click APPOINTMENTS in the left corner which will allow you to view, print and edit your appointments. If at any stage you need some support please contact the school reception who will be pleased to assist you or contact the parents evening booking administrator.


  • When you click CONTINUE you will be able to make appointments with your child’s teachers. The teachers will be listed and if you don’t want to see one then simply deselect them by clicking on the teachers name. When this has been completed please click CONTINUE TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS in the bottom left corner of the page. If you would like to see a different Arts or Technology teacher or either your child’s Head of Year or Pastoral Support Manager, then please contact reception with some possible appointment times and it can be added from our administration.

  • You will then be directed to the MAKE APPOINTMENTS page. The system has been set up to allow 5 minutes between each appointment which allows for travel time.

  • To book an appointment, click on the BOOK, next to the time that you would like and you will see a CONFIRM & ADD MESSAGE box appear. You can leave a message to the teacher before the parents evening if there is a special request or you can leave it blank. Then click ADD APPOINTMENT to confirm your time. If the teacher appointment already states they are ‘Busy’ then they already have an appointment at this time.

  • When you have finished booking your appointments please go to the FINISHED ADDING APPOINTMENTS section at the top of the page and click on the CLICK HERE section. In this section you can get a print out of your appointments, edit appointments and generate a confirmation email to your chosen email address.

  • If at anytime you need support or assistance then please leave a message with the reception who will pass on any concerns to the Parents evening booking administrator. Please allow for up to a day for any concerns to be addressed. The Parents Evening Booking System will be closed 1 day before the parent evening for appointments to be made.

Mr M Mynott – Headteacher