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Leasowes Learning Lab


The Leasowes Leaning Lab for Teacher Training & Development

Leasowes Learning Lab is a fresh concept in co-operative staff training and development. It exists to provide educational professionals at all levels with a meeting place and hub for the sharing of ideas and collaborative learning. Leasowes staff will facilitate the meetings but the direction of travel should be the priorities and issues decided upon by the participants themselves. All we ask for is a small donation to cover heating, lighting and refreshments, at the discretion of the schools attending.

The space can also be booked by schools, free of charge, and an evolving programme of events and training opportunities will be devised as the concept grows.

If this concept interests you or your school please contact Mr Carpenter to suggest a line of enquiry or subject area that might be helpful to develop and we will do our best to facilitate it either during the day or as part of a twilight programme.

Phone Mr Carpenter on: 01384 816285

The calendar below shows availability of the Learning Lab.

The Leasowes Learning Lab for Students

Leasowes Learning Lab is a source of books, materials and information to enrich the learning for students. The books are available for curriculum subjects and general interest, catering for all abilities.

It is open to all students at arranged times and during lunch breaks and is a bookable resource. The new apple mac suite and power point facilities are dynamic tools for any event.

How the Leasowes Learning Lab has been used:

An inaugural meeting of primary practitioners took place on 9th September 2015 when representatives from Howley Grange, Lapal, Lutley, Olive Hill and Hurst Green met to talk about their mathematics training needs and to set up a developmental programme.

     The topics for discussion included: 

  • Leasowes continuing to offer its popular Year 6 "Gifted and Talented Masterclasses" in mathematics
  • The provision of booster sessions for learners who may not yet be reaching the "secondary ready" bench mark. 
  • Growth Mindset workshops
  • Shanghai Mathematics and how we can harness the power!
  • Secondary Mathematics for Primary teachers.
  • Modelling and developing fluency in mathematics.


Learning Lab Availability Calendar